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Regarding the root of this disease, the common symptoms of elderly include Qi deficiency and fatigue in the beginning, Qi deficiency for long time may lead to Yin deficiency, liver and spleen deficiency and Kidney deficiency and consumption appear gradually. When there is glucosuria, the nutrition of food loses, which makes Qi deficiency and fatigue more severe. Therefore, according to the rules of the pathogeny, development and turnover of the disease, we discover that Qi deficiency, Qi and Yin deficiency, spleen and kidney and liver insufficiency are the causes of elderly type II diabetes, all of which influence and promote each other during the process.

Currently, clinical type II diabetes includes several categories: Yin deficiency with interior heat (initial stages), Qi and Yin deficiency (mid stages), Qi and Yin deficiency combines with blood stagnation (mid stages), Yin and Yang deficiency (late stages). In terms of the syndromes, the relevant treatment principles are: promoting Qi and nourishing Yin, strengthening spleen and pancreas, reinforcing liver and kidney, promoting blood circulation to dissipate blood stasis, clearing heat and nourishing Yin, lowering blood sugar, etc. As for the complicated pathogenesis, we should emphasize the comprehensive treatment, treating both the "branch" and the "root" simultaneously, treating the disease according to differentiation and the physical condition of each patient.

Key words: Elderly Type II Diabetes, Pathogenesis, Treatment Principles

Writer: Zewei Zhou
Institute of Radiation Medicine, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences and Peking Union Medical College (300192)


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