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Learning A good opportunity for students here! We are offering three systematic TCM online study Programs.

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Chinese Medicine Foundation Courses

TCM and Acupuncture foundation courses
Journey of a thousand miles begins with step, the first step of studying TCM acupuncture is from foundation course.

Title Instructor
Formulas & Strategies Xuemei Liu
Acupuncture Treatment Xuemei Liu
Acupuncture Meridian and Point Kevin Zhu
TCM Foundation Xuemei Liu
Chinese Materia Medica Hu Sumin
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Chinese Medicine Classic Courses

TCM Classic courses
Classic Courses bring you original Chinese medicine which is more in-depth study of TCM acupuncture.

Title Instructor
Huang Di Nei Jing (Yellow Emperor Inner Classic) Kevin Zhu
Jin Kui Yao Lue (Prescriptions from the Golden Cabinet) Kevin Zhu
Shang han lun (Treatise on Febrile Diseases) Kevin Zhu

Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture Clinical Courses

Chinese Medicine Folk Courses

TCM and Acupuncture folk courses
Folk Course demonstrates the special treasure and talent of folk Chinese Medicine.

Title Instructor
TCM Mind Therapy (Headache) Kuiyang Xue
TCM Mind Therapy (Cough) Kuiyang Xue
TCM Mind Therapy (Basic Theory) Kuiyang Xue

Chinese Medicine Exercise

Chinese Medicine Exercise Courses
Chinese Medicine exercise is powerful and magic in healing and health maintenance.

Title Instructor
Yi Jin Jing Weidong Zhu
24 Styles of Tai Ji Quan Weidong Zhu
Ba Duan Jin Weidong Zhu

Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture Encyclopedia

TCM and Acupuncture Encyclopedia
It is our pleasure to provide TCM acupuncture information and knowledge for both beginners and professionals in this column. You may freely browse to learn more about items of your interest.

Categories of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture Encyclopedia:
Acupuncture Clinic Management Acupuncture Ear Points
Acupuncture Meridians Acupuncture Points
Acupuncture Practice Acupuncture Techniques
Chinese Medicine Beauty Chinese Medicine Classic
Chinese Medicine Diagnosis Chinese Medicine Diet
Chinese Medicine Exercise Chinese Medicine Formula
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