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Heart Meridian

Regional Anatomy:
Skin-subcutaneous tissue-radial border of tendon of ulnar flexor muscle of wrist.
In the superficial layer, there are the medial cutaneous nerve of the forearm, the tributaries of the basilic vein and the palmar branches of the ulnar nerve. In the deep layer, there are the ulnar artery and vein and the ulnar nerve.

Supinate palm; on the radial side of the posterior border of pisiform bone, on the 1st transverse stria of the wrist.
Normalizing functional activities of the heart, relieving mental stress, and clearing and activating channels and collaterals.

Procordial pain, palpitation, hysteria, amnesia, insomnia, mania, epilepsy, dementia, pain in the hypochondriac region, feverish sensation in the palm, and jaundice.

Combined use with YintangEXHN3 (EX-HN3) for treatment of insomnia; with YongquanKI1 (Yongquan (KI1) Jing-Well Point) for treatment of psychosis; with HeguLI4 (Hegu (LI4) Yuan-Source Point) and FengchiGB20 (Fengchi (GB20)) for treatment of inflammation of the throat; with LigouLR5 (Ligou (LR5) Luo-Connecting Point) and JuqueCV14 (Juque (CV14) Front-Mu Point of the Heart) for treatment of palpitation due to fright, with ShenmenHT7 (Shenmen (HT7) Shu-Stream, Yuan-Primary Point), YinlingquanSP9 (Yinlingquan (SP9) He-Sea Point) , KunlunBL60 (Kunlun (BL60) Jing-River Point) and ZulinqiGB41 (Zulinqi (GB41) Shu-Stream Point, The Eight Confluent Point) flow of qi for treatment of tachypnea; with YujiLU10 (Yuji (LU10) Ying-Spring Point) , TaichongLR3 (Taichong (LR3) Shu-Stream, Yuan-Source Point), DadunLR1 (Dadun (LR1) Jing-Well Point) and GuanyuanCV4 (Guanyuan (CV4) Front-Mu Point of the SmallIntestine) for treatment of enuresis.

Insert the needle perpendicularly 0.5-0.8 cun deep; needling response: a sensation of distension and numbness which may radiate to the hand; moxibustion: using 3-5 moxa-cones, or mild moxibustion for 15 min.


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