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Testimonials from Xinping course participants
published on 07.07.2008, 23:23:06. Category: no category
lets' see how participants talk about Xinping course.
Excellent! Thank you for giving from your heart.
——Bengt Georén
Thank you Mr. Wang. This has been one of the most amazing days of my life! The course has helped me to understand myself in a deeper level. I feel deeply thankful & I know that XINPING method can help us all to create a better world. Long live XINPING.
——Maria Frogren
I’m very pleased. I have learned a lot! I’m curious to learn more about practice how to figure out how many years ago things happened. I think the schedule was good. It was easy to follow your thought!
——Agneta Grunnlid
It was a very interesting course. Prof. Wang seems to be an excellent professor and teacher. He has a keen sense to make his knowledge reach the participants and one can feel how dedicated he is to the XinPing Therapy. It’s amazing to feel it working and in such short time be able to improve one’s own abilities & sensitiveness. I am very satisfied with this course and looking forward to part two.
——Josefin Larsson
Good! Very good, excellent!
——Miguel Rodriguez
Dear Dr. Wang, I’m grateful from my heart for the beautiful & very interesting course you gave. I already look forward to participating in next step of the Xinping adventures. One reason why for me the teachings felt very much “alive” is that Prof. Wang spoke out of his own experiences in a very genuine way. Once again, thank you .
——Peter Brodendal
I’m more than satisfied with this course, the trip was all worth it. I could go back to Sweden today and feel totally content with my trip to China. The days where filled with knowledge. Thank you so much for all the knowledge you have given me! I will surely use it to try and make people in Sweden more healthy and happy.
——Marlene Andersson
I am very satisfied with the course. Thank you for giving us a tool for life. I wish you all the best for the future and with your career.The world will become a peaceful place with people like you in it!
——Violeta Milenkovic
The XinPing course was the best course I ever have attended! Xin Ping is a very good tool to reach enlightenment and the applications are limitless!
I am very happy with Dr. Wang’s way of teaching He shows great insight into the mystery of life and has a way of explaining it that makes it easy to understand. Thank you with all my heart!
——Rickard Sipinen

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