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Deficiency and excess are used to analyze and generalize the opposing force of the anti-pathogenic and pathogenic factors during the course of the disease.

The deficiency type syndromes refer to the weakness of body function, the anti-pathogenic factor insufficient and yin and yang impaired, while the influence of pathogenic factor has already become inconspicuous. Deficiency type should be treated by the reinforcing method.

The excess type syndromes refer to those diseases in which the body function is not impaired and the anti-pathogenic factor is strong, while the pathogenic factor is hyperactive and severe struggle with anti-pathogenic factors. Excess type should be treated by the reducing method.

If the anti-pathogenic factor is weak and difficultly contends with the pathogenic factor, it will result a disease complicated between deficiency and excess. Deficiency and excess contending type should be treated by both reinforcing and reducing methods.

Key words: deficiency, excess


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