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Syringomyelia Post Operation Case
published on 05.08.2014, 05:23:48. Category: no category
53 years old, female patient, 5 days after syringomyelia decompression operation, has sustained headache, pain level "9-10", accompanied by numbness, cannot stand it, also pain in the right upper arm, she only had one bowel movement on yesterday after the operation, constipated, insomnia, dry red tongue with map coating, some thick yellow greasy fur in the central part of the coating, weak pulse on heart and lung, strong wiry and excess pulse on spleen. She has diabetes type II, even though she is taking Xiao Ke Pill, her blood sugar is still high.
TCM diagnosis: Yin Xu, associated with the meridian blockage. (The blockage comes from stasis, fire, stagnation. )
Acupuncture treatment: body needle (Hegu (LI4) Yuan-Source Point, Xuanzhong (GB39) Influential Point of the Marrow, LV3, Danzhong (CV17) Front-Mu Point of the Pericardium, Zusanli (ST36) He-Sea Point, K3, Lieque (LU7)Luo-Connecting Point the Eight Confluent Point etc. ) + scalp acupuncture
3 days after, headache eased significantly, the left upper arm pain disappeared, stool completely unobstructed, blood sugar decrease, normal sleep, slightly red-pale tongue with thin coating, and the wiry pulse disappears completely.
Consolidation effect, I give her Chinese medicine two weeks back to home town to continue recovering.

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