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Headache with Acupuncture


Headache is a common symptom in acupuncture clinics. Acupuncturist often has to deal with it every day. 69% of urban inhabitants in China suffer from headaches. But how can acupuncture help it? This lecture introduces that acupuncture treatment has effect to produce endorphin, relieve muscle tension and improve circulation. According to TCM, headache is differentiated into wind-cold, wind-heat, liver fire, blood stagnation, phlegm, qi and blood deficiency, liver and kidney essence deficiency. There are different treatment acupoints and techniques based on TCM differentiation, as well as 6 clinical headache cases have been discussed in this lecture.

Headache with Acupuncture video course screenshot

Language: English
Instructor: Tao Huang
Runtime: 92 minutes
Type: Video + Slides + Content
Note: Due to copyright protection, all of video courses on this website are available within one computer.
Prices: $16.00
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