Zigong (CV19) (Zigong (CV19)) [1]

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Acupuncture Points / Conception (Ren) Vessel [2]

Regional Anatomy:
Skin subcutaneous tissue-origin of greater pectoral muscle-sternal body.
There are the anterior cutaneous branches of the 2nd intercostal nerve and the perforating branches of the internal thoracic artery and vein and the in this area.

Lie supinely or sit upright; on the mid-sternal line, at the same level of the 2nd intercostal space.
Regulating qi and soothing the chest oppression, depressing upward-reverse flow of qi, and dredging the collaterals.

Pain in the chest, asthma and cough.

Combined use with ChizeLU5 (Chize (LU5)He-Sea Point [3]) and FeishuBL13 (Feishu (BL13) [4]) for treatment of pleurisy; and with GaohuangBL43 (Gaohuang (BL43) [5]) for treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis.

Insert the needle subcutaneously to 1-1.5 cun depth; needling response: local distention and numbness; moxibustion: using 3-5 moxa-cones, or mild moxibustion for 10 min.
 343. Zigong (CV19) [6] Don`t puncture deeply or lift and thrust.

 385. Zigong The organs involved include the small intestine, the cecum, the appendix and the sigmoid colon in the abdominal cavity.


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