Basic Lesser Yin Disease Patterns (Part I) [1]

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Chinese Medicine Classic / Shang Han Lun [2]

Cold Transformation Patterns

Line 323
“When in lesser yin disease the pulse is sunken, it is necessary to warm urgently and therefore Si Ni Tang is appropriate.

Si Ni Tang

Gan Cao [3] 2 Liang
Gan Jiang [4] 1.5 Liang
Fu Zi [5] 1 pc (use raw, remove skin, break into 8 pcs)”

Line 324
“When in Lesser Yin disease there is immediate vomiting of ingested food and drink, seething in the heart with desire to vomit, yet inability to vomit, but at the beginning the extremities are cold, and the pulse is string like and slow, this indicates excess in the chest.  One cannot precipitate, but should use vomiting.  If there is Cold-Rheum above the Diaphragm and dry retching, one cannot use vomiting, but should use warming.  Si Ni Tang is appropriate.”

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