Six Evils - Fire [1]

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TCM Foundation / Etiology [2]

When fire evil retains in qi stage, it shows fever, aversion to heat, sweating, thirst, upset, constipation, dark urine, yellow tongue coating and full-rapid pulse. When fire evil further invades ying stage, it shows fever aggravated at the night, thirst with unwilling to drink, upset and insomnia, red tongue and rapid pulse. Fire evils interferes mind then resulting in delirium. Fire evil retains in blood stage, forces the blood to go astray, leading to various bleeding symptoms, such as nose bleed, hematuria, hemafecia, macule and papule. When fire-heat accumulates in local part, resulting in flesh ulceration and blood spoiled.

Pathogenic Characteristic of Fire Evil:
A. Fire tends to flare up, so a series of hot symptoms may occur.

B. Fire is a yang evil. It exhausts body fluid, even consumes genuine yin stored in viscera.

C. Fire tends to promote the production of liver wind and accelerate the flowing of blood. So convulsion, syncope and bleeding may occur.

D. Asthenic fire impairs qi. resulting in deficiency of qi, even scattering of yang-qi.

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