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OpenTCM FAQs (frequently-asked questions)

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How can I pay OpenTCM when I want to purchase products from the website?

PayPal is accepted payment for purchasing all OpenTCM products. You can easily use your credit card make the payment through PayPal. Your credit card information is protected by the latest industry standard for security encryption (SSL).

Note: It means that your credit card bill will only show a charge from PayPal, not from OpenTCM.


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What should I know about purchasing herb products?

  1. OpenTCM offers herb products that all made from qualified Chinese Pharmaceutical Company. There are many kinds of herb products that are used for many different healthy conditions. It is strongly recommended that you should consult with your local health care provider or medical doctor before you order them.

  2. All of the herb products order have to be package. You can see the package price from one of each kind of products. 

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How long do I wait to get herb products after i purchase?

We will send your herb products within one week by air mail after your order is received and proved.

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Can I return the herb supplements and get my money back?

No. As usual, there is no returnable for any of herb product by any reason. And there is no money refundable for any of herb product purchasing by any reason.

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