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OpenTCM FAQs (frequently-asked questions)

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What do I know about Demo of E-education?

OpenTCM provides a certain period of time Video Demo free for each video course and helps people to know some about the content of the curriculum as well as teaching method of the instructor. There are two ways you can watch video Demo. In accordance with Internet connection speed, all users can either watch online or download to a local computer for watching.

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How to watch OpenTCM video courses?

  1. For the protection of intellectual property rights, in addition to Demo and free seminar courses, OpenTCM have done a pre-encryption for all courses. All video courses will be authorized only in one computer with limited authorization watching and learning time. The video courses will not play normally in any non-authorized computer. And when the authorized viewing time is expired, the video courses can not normally play anymore.

  2. After the customer purchases OpenTCM video courses and has a successful payment, he/she will immediately receive download links as well as necessary UserName and Password for viewing the video curriculum.

  3. The video courses are Zip compressed files. The authorized users need to decompress to the local computer directory after download.  Then double-clicking the Exe files, the video course can be broadcasted.

Note: We strongly recommend to extract file of OpenTCM video courses from Zip file to the folder on your disk. If you use the WinZip Classic interface and you double-click OpenTCM video courses file at the same time, WinZip will display a warning dialog box. You should trust that file of OpenTCM video courses is safe and open it by click Yes.

Note: For the first time playing, you need make sure your computer has been connected to the Internet well. When you play, it will enter the user interface, please enter your aforementioned OpenTCM UserName and Password, and wait a moment to start playing. Apart from the first playing, it will be unnecessary to enter your ID and password for the authorized time of course and authorized computer. 

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What is the basic requirement for the computer that can view OpenTCM video courses well?

  1. The basic requirement of your computer should be: IBM PC/586 or above, 512MB RAM or more, 1000MB hard drive disk space, Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/Vista, Windows Media Player 9.0 or above.

  2. When you try to run OpenTCM video courses, Windows Media Player may automatically suggest  you to upgrade and show following message: 



Please click Ok or Upgrade key. OpenTCM video courses will normally run after completely upgrading.

Note: If you can not upgrade by method mentioned above, please close OpenTCM video courses then log on Microsoft website to upgrade Windows Media Player:

Following messag will be shown:

Please click Upgrade key. Then follow the steps of upgrade through Microsoft official website.

Whenever you have any problem with your video course watching, please feel free to tell us. It is always our pleasure to service our customers.

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I am a TCM acupuncture senior instructor, is there any chance I can have my lectures to be on OpenTCM?

We pretty much welcome instructors and lecturers from all over the world to bring your high quality courses and take part in our e-education program. We will work together to promote of Chinese medicine acupuncture and make contributions to TCM progress. Please feel free to contact with OpenTCM teaching departments, Email:, and we will be in contact with you soon.

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