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Yin Chen Hao

Posted by: admin on Feb 22, 2008 - 11:48 PM
Drain Dampness

Bitter and slightly cold

Spleen, stomach, liver and gall bladder

1. To clear heat and transform dampness; 2. To relieve jaundice

Jaundice a)damp-heat yang jaundice-Oriental wormwood (Yin Chen Hao) is used with Capejasmine (Zhi Zi) and Rhubard (Da Huang) in the formula Yinchenhao Tang; b) cold-damp yin jaundice-Oriental wormwood (Yinchenhao) is used with Prepared aconite root (Fu Zi) and Dried ginger (Gan Jiang) in the formula Yinchen Sini Tang.

10-30 g

Yin Chen Hao

Image of herb: Yin Chen Hao
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