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Hua Shi

Posted by: admin on Feb 22, 2008 - 11:34 PM
Drain Dampness

Sweet or no taste and cold


Stomach and urinary bladder

  1. To promote water metabolism and relieve abnormal urination;
  2. To clear heat and release summer-heat.
  1. Damp-heat in the urinary bladder manifested as urination, urgency of micturition, frequent urination, lower abdominal distention and fever. Talc (Hua Shi) is used with Clematis stem (Mu Tong), Plantain seed (Che Qian Zi), Common knotgrass (Bian Xu) and (Capejasmine) (Zhi Zi) in the formula Bazheng San.
  2. Summer-heat and dampness syndrome manifested is as thirst stifling sensation in the chest, vomiting and Diarrhea. Talc (Huashi) is used with Licorice root (Gan Cao) in the formula Liu Yi San.
  3. Boils, eczema, miliaria and skin diseases. Talc (Huashi) is used with Gypsum (Shi Gao) and Calamine Colamina (Luganshi) externally.

10-15 g

Hua Shi

Image of herb: Hua Shi
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