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Da Huang

Posted by: admin on Feb 22, 2008 - 08:42 PM
Downward Draining

Bitter and cold

Spleen, stomach, large intestine and liver

1. To promote bowel movement; 2. To reduce fire and release toxins; 3. To invigorate blood

1. Constipation: a) heat accumulated in constipation-Rhubarb (Da Huang) is used with Glauber salt (Mang Xiao) in the formula DaChengqi Tang; b)cold accumulation in constipation-Rhubarb (Dahuang) is used with Prepared aconite root (Fu Zi) and Dried ginger (Gan Jiang) in the formula Wenpi Tang; C) constipation with heat accumulation and damage to yin-Rhubarb (Dahunag) is used with Fresh rehmannia root (Sheng Di Huang), Scrophularia (Xuan Shen) and Ophiopogon root (Maidong) in the formula Zengye Chengqi (ST1) Tang.2. Extravasation due to heat in the blood manifested as vomiting with blood and epistaxis, or upward attack by Pathogenic fire manifested as red, painful and swollen eyes, sore throat and painful and swollen gums. These two syndromes are treated by combining (Dahuang), Coptis root (Huang Lian) and Scutellaria root (Huang Qin) in the formula Xiexin Tang.3. Boils, carbuncles and furuncles. Rhubarb (Dahuang) is used with Peach seed (Tao Ren) and Moutan bark (Mu Dan Pi).4. Stagnation of blood manifested as amenorrthea, postpartum retention of lochia, postpartum abdominal pain, abdominal masses and traumatic injury. Rhubarb (abdominal) is used with Chuan Xiong rhizome (Chuanxiong), Peach seed (Taoren), Safflower (Hong Hua) and Moutan bark (Mudanpi).

3-12 g

The raw herb is strong in moving feces. Fried with wine, the herb is good for invigorating blood. The carbonized herb is applied during hemorrhagic disease. Overboiling of the herb weakens the function. This herb is contraindicated during menstruation and pregnancy.

Da Huang

Image of herb: Da Huang
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