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Conception (Ren) Vessel

Regional Anatomy:
Skin subcutaneous tissue-sternal body.
There are the anterior cutaneous branches of the 4th intercostal nerve and the perforating branches of the internal thoracic artery and vein and the in this area.

Lie supinely; at the meeting point of the mid-sternal line and the line connecting two nipples in man; on the mid-sternal line, at the same level of the 4th intercostal space in woman.
Regulating qi and activating blood, and soothing the chest oppression.

Asthma, pain in the chest, fullness in the chest, palpitation, agalactosis, hiccup, and dysphagia.

Combined use with RugenST18 (Rugen (ST18)) for treatment of agalactosis; with LiequeLU7 (Lieque (LU7)Luo-Connecting Point the Eight Confluent Point) and FenglongST40 (Fenglong (ST40) Luo-Connecting Point) for treatment of bronchial asthma; and with TianjingTE10 (Tianjing (TE10)) for treatment of pain in the chest.

Insert the needle subcutaneously to 1-1.5 cun depth; needling response: local distention, radiating toward both laterals; moxibustion: using 3-5 moxa-cones, or mild moxibustion for 15 min.


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