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Conception (Ren) Vessel

Regional Anatomy:
Skin connective tissue-parietal peritoneum.
In the superficial layer, there are the anterior cutaneous branches of the anterior branch of the 10th thoracic nerve and the perumbilical venous network on the abdominal wall.In the deep layer, there are the branches of the anterior branch of the 10th thoracic nerve.

Lie supinely; in the centre of umbilicus.
Restoring yang from collapse, strengthening qi of the kidney, and regulating the functions of the intestine and stomach.

Abdominal pain, borborygmus, flaccid type of apoplexy, prolapse of anus, and unchecked Diarrhea.

Combined use with ZusanliST36 (Zusanli (ST36) He-Sea Point) for treatment of collapse and enteritis; with QuchiLI11 (Quchi (LI11) He-Sea Point) for treatment of cerebral hemorrhage; and with GongsunSP4 (Gongsun (SP4) Luo-Connecting Point, The Eight Confluent Point) for treatment of distention of the abdomen.

Needling in this points is contraindicated. Moxibustion: 3-5 moxa-cones with , or mild moxibustion for 20-30 min.


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