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Governor (Du) Vessel

Regional Anatomy:
Skin-subcutaneous tissue-between frontal blly of left and right occipitofrontal muscle-subaponeurotic loose tissue.
Tthere are the supratrochlear nerve from the frontal nerve and the branches or tributaries of the frontal artery and vein in this area 

1. Proper sitting with one's back propped; 0.5 cun into the midpoint of anterior hairline. 2. If one hasn't the hairline, 4.5 cun anterior to BaihuiGV20(Baihui (GV20)).
Refreshing oneself and easing mind.

Epilepsy, anxiety, palpitation, insomnia, headache, vertigo, and rhinorrhea.

Combined use with SanyinjiaoSP6 (Sanyinjiao (SP6)) for treatment of insomnia; with LiequeLU7 (Lieque (LU7)Luo-Connecting Point the Eight Confluent Point) for treatment of frontal headache; with BaihuiGV20 (GV20), QiandingGV21 (Qianding (GV21)), YongquanKI1 (Yongquan (KI1) Jing-Well Point), SizhukongTE23 (Sizhukong (TE23)), and ShenqueCV8 (Shenque (CV8)) for treatment of epilepsy; and with CuanzhuBL2 (Cuanzhu (BL2)), YingxiangLI20 (Yingxiang (LI20)), FengmenBL12 (Fengmen (BL12)), HeguLI4 (Hegu (LI4) Yuan-Source Point), ZhiyinBL67 (Zhiyin (BL67) Jing-Well Point), and ZutongguBL66 (Zutonggu (BL66) Ying-Spring Point) for treatment of rhinopathy.

Insert the needle subcutaneously to 0.5-1 cun depth; needling response: local numbness and distention; moxibustion: using 3-5 moxa-cones, or mild moxibustion for 10 min.


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