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Urine Bladder Meridian

Regional Anatomy:
Skin-subcutaneous tissue-epicranial aponeurosis.
In the superficial layer, there are the greater occipital nerve and the occipital artery and vein. In the deep layer, there are the subaponeurotic loose connective tissue and the pericranium.

Sit upright or lie prostrate; firstly, locate NaohuGV17(Naohu (GV17)) ( a depression at the upper border of external occipital tuberosity ), 1.3 cun apart from NaohuGV17(GV17) laterally.
Expelling the wind, and tranquilazing the mind.

Myopia, dizziness, headache, hyposmia, and hyperhidrosis, encephalemia.

Combined use with YingxiangLI20 (Yingxiang (LI20)) for treatment of rhinitis; with SibaiST2 (Sibai (ST2)) for treatment of myopia; and with WanguGB12 (Wangu (GB12)) for treatment of pain of the nape.

Insert the needle horizontally, 0.5-1 cun deep; needling response: local sensation of distension and heaviness; moxibustion: using 3-5 moxa-cones, or mild moxibustion for 15 min.

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