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Urine Bladder Meridian

Regional Anatomy:
Skin-subcutaneous tissue-epicranial aponeurosis.
In the superficial layer, there are the greater occipital nerve and the occipital artery and vein. In the deep layer, there are the subaponeurotic loose connective tissue and the pericranium.

Sit upright with one`s back propped; firstly, locate BaihuiGV20(Baihui (GV20)), 1.5 cun lateral to and 0.5 cun posterior to BaihuiGV20(GV20).
Tranquilizing the mind.

Dizziness, vomiting, facial paralysis, rhinitis, goiter, spasm of occipital muscle and trapezius muscle, cataract, and psychosis.

Combined use with QiuhouEXHN7 (EX-HN7) for treatment of myopia; with QuchiLI11(Quchi (LI11) He-Sea Point) for treatment of goiter; with TinghuiGB2 (Tinghui (GB2)) for treatment of tinnitus; and with TinghuiGB2 (GB2), ShenzhuGV12 (Shenzhu (GV12)) for treatment of madness.

Insert the needle horizontally 0.5-1 cun deep; needling response:local sensation of numbness and distension; moxibustion: mild moxibustion for 10 min.


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