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Internal Medicine

The gastric disease is very common in clinic, the typical syndromes include: cold evil restrict stomach, and stomach aches by food retention, blood stagnation, Qi deficiency, Qi stagnation, Yin deficiency, phlegm and fluid retention.

1. Cold attacking and Qi stagnation lead to retention of food: the symptoms consist of gastric and abdominal distension, borborygmus, dry or loose stool with indigested food, slight thirsty, mostly, there is symptoms of aversion to cold and having a fever together with body pain and headache, pale-reddish tongue with white and slight greasy tongue coating, floating and wiry pulse, the treatment could be relieving muscles and disperse retention, helping digestion and harmonizing the stomach, the prescription is Chai Ge Jie Ji decoction and Bao He pills with modification.
2. Heat retention and toxicity stagnation: the symptoms are gastric ache and scorching hot, dry mouth, halitosis, swelling and aching of gum with pus, habitual constipation, scanty dark urine, red tongue with yellow coating, wiry and rolling rapid pulse. The treatment could be clearing stomach and helping digestion, relieving toxicity and dispersing stagnation, the prescription is Xie Xin decoction, Wu Wei Xiao Du decoction and Bao He pills with modification.
3. Intermingled cold and heat with intestinal parasitosis: the symptoms include gastric and abdominal ache, distention and fullness under heart, dry mouth, irritability, foul belch, Diarrhea, deficiency of Qi, fatigue, pale tongue with thin coating in yellow and white color, wiry weak pulse, the prescription is Wu Mei pills with modification.
4. Qi deficiency and Qi stagnation: the symptoms are stomach ache, frequent foul belch, shortness of breath, stomach distention and fullness felling, palpitation and irritability, pale and slightly green complexion, pale tongue with white coating, small wiry and weak pulse. The treatment is to reinforce Qi and disperse stagnation, harmonize stomach to stop pain. The prescription is Bu Zhong Yi Qi decoction and Si Mo decoction with modification.
5. Intermingled phlegm and stagnation: the symptoms consist of stomach distention and fullness and heavy sensation on the chest, greasy taste in the mouth, halitosis at night, difficult to defecate for many days and with a little shapeless stool, sometimes, the patients have dizziness and headache, red tongue with greasy coating, strong floating and wiry pulse. The treatment could be resolving phlegm and dispersing stagnation, harmonizing stomach and stopping pain. The prescription is Bao He pills and drink of Dan Shen Yin with modification.

Key words: gastric disease, treatment according to discrimination

Write: Zhaohui Li
Health Clinic, Guang Ming village, Yong Sheng town, Da Zhu county, Sichuan province (635145)


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