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“Health preservation” is to strengthen human’s body constitution, boost immunity, maintain the life activities in a Yin-Yang harmonious condition, promoting physical and mental health, and delaying the aging process of the human body, the methods to achieve the goal include promoting spirit, adjusting diet, and physical exercise, etc. The rood of the treatment are “correspondence between man and nature "and" Integration of body and spirit”, the basic principles include: keeping the static and dynamic movement to promote each other, balancing and adjusting.

1. Emphasizing movement to nourish body
In this aspect, we focus on the movement to promote the body, namely, the muscles, blood vessels, tendons and bones, Zang and Fu, which are the physical foundation of life, and are also the basic features of life. Firstly, body is the physical bases of spirit; promoting body comes before the spirit benefiting. Furthermore, body is the apparatus to keep the Qi-blood and body fluids. Thus, body is the foundation of life, to promote body is very essential. The effective ways to promote body are doing sports and excises, it is to say, movement to nourish body.

2. Emphasizing stillness to nourish spirit
Here we pay attention to stillness, namely, maintain the state of mind to be quiet, not to act rashly, keep indifferent quiet state. Next, using spirit abstemiously, it is to say, thinking out less. Additional, to adjust the spirit, namely, keeping happy calm mood, having optimistic and open mind, no evil thought, never be restless, keeping attention on one thing, all of these may help to calm down the spirit and stabilize Qi movement.

3. Keeping static and dynamic balance, to nourish body and spirit simultaneously
Maintaining suitable movement and stillness, to combine static and dynamic state, will help the health preservation, hence, Health science insists on promote body and spirit simultaneously, nourishing body to benefit spirit, adjusting spirit to control body. With the combination of body and spirit, we are able to strengthen physical condition and prevent the diseases, thereby promoting health. It is said that promote both body and spirit in order to gain longevity.

Key words: Combination of Static and Dynamic, the Method of Health Preservation

Writer: Yufang Wang, Juyan Liu
Ji Nan Medical University (510632)


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