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Shang Han Lun

There are 18 prescriptions regarding Shi Gao in Dr. Zhongjing Zhang's "Shang Han Lun" and "Jin kui Yao Lue", the prescriptions apply Shi Gao's pungency to disperse evil, and use its nature of cold to clear heat, in fact, the rules of combination can be a good instruction to the TCM physician.

1. Combining with herbs of relieving exterior syndrome, integrating and controlling
Applying together with Ma Huang, Gui Zhi, Sheng Jiang to combine their pungency, meanwhile, integrating cold and warm, exterior and interior, the two herbs may control each other.

2. Combining with herbs of clearing heat, mutual promotion between two herbs
Using together with Zhi Mu, Huang Qin, Han Shui Shi, Hua Shi, Da Huang etc.

3. Combining with herbs of warming, integrating cold and heat
Using together with Gan Jiang, Ban Xia, Xi Xin etc.

4. Combining with herbs of reinforcing, clearing and reinforcing
The herbs for combination include Gan Cao, Da Zao, Ren Shen, Jing Mi, Shao Yao, Dang Gui, Bai Zhu, Mai Men Dong, Tian Men Dong, Yu Zhu etc. Applying the functions of clearing and reinforcing synchronously, more importantly, we should pay attention to combine the herbs with promoting Qi.

Key words: Combination for Shi Gao, rules, Dr. Zhongjing Zhang

Writer: Xiaoqi Zhang, Xiaoming Wu, Jianwei Lian
Gong Shu District Red-cross Hospital, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang province (310011)


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