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Purging heart fire to nourish renal water: atrophic rhinitis occurs mainly for young female, the nasal cavity is empty, turbinate mucosa and periosteum are atrophic and with malodorous pus scab, all of these are the main symptoms, there are symptoms including dizziness, poor appetite, irritability, menoxenia, scorching hot on palms and soles, which are the symptoms of Yin deficiency and excessive fire. Thus, Huang Lian E Jiao Decoction combines with Yang Yin Qing Fei Decoction are the main prescriptions for the diseases. The ingredients consist of Huang Lian 2g, E Jiao, Di Huang, Bai Shao, Bai Zhu, Shi Hu 12g respectively, Huang Qin, Mai Dong, Dang Gui, Mu Dan Pi, Fu Ling 10g respectively, Tai Zi Shen 15g, Ji Zi Huang 1 piece, Sha Ren (decoct later) 4g.
Clearing upper energizer and warming lower energizer: posterior meatus nasi bleeding is one of the most severe illnesses, it is caused by irritability, fatigue, and can be seen mostly among middle aged or elderly people who are lack of “water” and have excessive “wood”. Sometimes, there is blood rushes as flood from postnasal nose, the blood is swallowed, no hemorrhagic focus can be seen in front nose after bleeding, the bleeding may come repeatedly. The writer uses method of clearing upper energizer and warming lower energizer, the prescription is Mi Hong Dan with modification and got satisfied effect, the ingredients include fried Da Huang 3g, Rou Gui 3g, raw Dai Zhe Shi 18g, raw Di Huang 30g.
Activating Yang and dispersing fire: opsigenes pericoronitis and temporomandibular arthritis erupt simultaneously, the symptoms include aversion to cold, fever, wisdom teeth crowns have swelling and pain, the in the same side jaw is spasm and stiff, the open mouth movement is constrained, be difficult to chew the food, etc. Qing Yang San Huo Decoction with modification: raw Shi Gao 30g, Lian Qiao, Huang Qin, Chi Shao 10g respectively, Bai Zhi, Sheng Ma, Qiang Huo 4g respectively, Niu Bang Zi, Wei Ling Xian 12g respectively, Fang Feng 7g, Gui Zhi 5g, Cong Bai 7 pieces. Gui Zhi, Cong Bai can warm and promote meridians, activate Yang Qi and disperse Yin-cold, combine with Shi Gao, the former are pungent-warm, the latter is pungent-cold, they may relieve external and clear internal simultaneously, and to complement each other.

Key words: Contrary Compatibility, E.N.T. Department, application

Writer: Kangming Cheng, Wen Cheng
Xing Hua City TCM Hospital, Jiangsu province (225700)


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