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There is a saying in Traditional Chinese medicine, “the theories and principle of Chinese medicine leads to the Taoism of being immortal”, and in the history of Chinese medicine, there are many doctors who also master Taoism. Chinese medicine is the crystallization of human systematic engineering experiment, and it has closely relation with Taoism. I use Bian-stone therapy, guided by Taoist inner alchemy theory, using my own body as experiment as sample, to explore meridians, acupoints and their relationship with diseases, and successfully cured my own diseases such as herpes zoster pain sequelae, constipation, hemorrhoids, colitis, psoriasis and others. This approach has an excellent effect for many diseases, including cancer.

While people living in the nature, the surface skin of body would be harmed or invaded by many various attacks, causing stagnation in meridians. The stagnation sometimes would cause damages in corresponding parts of meridians and finally causes diseases.

This kind of disease is a human instinct of self-protection. Using Stone Needles, and other Bian-stone treating methods, guided by human bodies’ instinct, would remove stagnation in meridians and cure diseases. This is the basic principles of treatment in traditional Chinese medicine.

Through the study of Bian-stone therapy, it can be found that patients with any kind of diseases have such special needs of instinct, which could be sensed. If the needs of instinct were met, diseases would be improved soon.

Key Words: Bian-Stone, Meridians

Writer: Ticai Wang
High-tech Zones Guanya Star City A3-601, Jining City Shandong Province, Jining 272000,China


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