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Internal Medicine

Zulinqi (GB41) Shu-Stream Point, The Eight Confluent Point is one of the points on gall bladder meridian, which can treat the illnesses belong to the meridian location area, it is one of the Five Shu Points, the heaviness of the body and the pain in the joints can be treated by Shu Points, among which, the Shu Points on Yang Meridians belong to wood, they are relevant with liver and tendons, thus, the tendon meridian spasm and pain can be relieved through needling this points.

GB41 is one of the eight meridians convergent acupoints, its treatment scope consists all the twelve meridians , such as the 6 syndromes from stomach, liver meridians, the 5 syndromes from gallbladder and bladder meridians, etc, the treatment scope is very wide. GB41 is the key point for the treatment of the pain along the gall bladder meridian, it is generally applied as the main point for the treatment of red eyes with swelling and pain, migraine, costalgia etc. Some clinical reports state that GB41 can be employed for the treatment of the base of the fifth toe fracture, the ring finger contusion etc. The application of GB41 is so wide that can be used for the diseases of gynecology, dermatology. GB41 can sooth liver and relieve gallbladder, it may adjust the secretion of milk, hence can be applied for lack of lactation and mammary abscess. This point also can be used for abnormal fetal positions, thus is has particular usage in gynecology diseases.

Key words: GB41, treatment experience

Writer: Jingqing Sun
Acupuncture department, Beijing TCM hospital (100010)


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