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Internal Medicine

Eye acupuncture is established by Professor Jingshan Peng from Liaoning TCM Institute in 1974. According to the Eight Diagrams from King Wen and clinical practice, the eye acupuncture is created as a new acupuncture method, it is not belong to the fourteen meridians but becomes a independent system which is one of the micro-acupuncture treatment. This treatment method only has eight areas and thirteen points which is simple, clear, easy to memorize, and has obvious effect, it greatly advances the treatment effect for the central nervous system disorders. When we apply this method for Hemiplegia in clinic, the liver area, kidney area, upper energizer area, and lower energizer area in the affected eye area are selected for treatment. Horizontal needling on 2mm distance from orbital edge or vertical needling in orbital cavity, double needling can be used for severe cases, 20 minutes per time, 1 time per day, the effect can be achieved that the hand and foot in affected side can move along with the needling. The degree of affected limb elevation is improved evidently after treatment. The contrast group is treated by body acupuncture, the points in meridian of Hand-Yangming and Foot-Yangming are chosen. Treatment result: for the 56 cases in the treatment group, the total effective rate is 99%. As to the 50 cases in the contrast group, the total effective rate is 96%, there is no obvious difference between the two groups.

Key words: Eye Acupuncture, stroke and hemiplegia

Writer: Ling Zhong
TCM department, Ben Xi City Central Hospital, Liaoning province (117000)


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