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Internal Medicine

Famous TCM Master Jianqing Chen in Guangxi used herbal treatment for cough in the clinic over 30 years and obtained good effect, he applied self-made Ping Ke Tang modification to treat various kinds of cough, one or two doses can mostly get good result. Different types of cough including invasion of external pathogenic factors, internal injuries, cold, heat, deficiency, excess, recent and chronic can be treated by modification of Ping Ke Tang.
Ingredients of Ping Ke Tang ( dosage here is for adults, suitable decreased for children ): Gan Cao 8g, Jin Jie 9g, She Gan 12g, Wu Wei Zi 9g, Jie Geng 4g, Bai Qian 9g, Zi Yuan 9g, Sheng Jiang 3 pieces (10g), Da Zao 9 pieces (break).
Modification: (1) Invasion of external wind and cold: add Ma Huang, Xi Xin, Zi Su Ye for no sweating; remove Ma Huang, add Gui Zhi for sweating; add Cong Bai for nasal obstruction; add Lu Jiao Jiao for old people, chronic cough or weak body. (2) invasion of external wind and heat: add Huang Qin, Bo He, or add Yu Xing Cao, or Lu Gen; add Shan Dou Gen or Jin Guo Lan for sore throat; add Chan Tui, Mu Hu Die or He Zi, Jin Guo Lan for hoarseness voice in the throat, but not used for dysfunction of lung organ. (3) internal injuries: cough due to dysfunction of heart: add chuan Huang Lian, add Jin Guo Lan or Shan Dou Gen for sore throat; cough due to dysfunction of liver: add Chai Hu, Ting Li Zi, Qing Pi; cough due to dysfunction of spleen: add Gui Zhi, Bai Zhu, Chen Pi, add Gua Lou Pi, Xie Bai, Zhi Ke for fullness on the chest; cough due to dysfunction of lung: add Xing Ren. Cold: add Ma Huang, Xi Xin for no sweating, add Gui Zhi, Yi Ma Huang for sweating; heat: add Huang Qin, add Sang Bai Pi, Xing Ren for shortness of breathing; excessive and sticky sputum: add Nan Sha Shen or Zhe Bei Mu; chronic cough due to yin deficiency: add Chuan Bei Mu; constipation: add Gua Lou Ren or Ji Dan Hua; bloody cough: coaled Jin Jie, Ce Bai Ye, Ou Jie, oral intake with fresh lotus root juice; rattling voice in the throat: add Ma Huang, Xi Xin; Deficiency: Lu Jiao Jiao (melt); cough with saliva: Tian Men Dong; cough due to dysfunction of stomach: Fa Ban Xia, Chen Pi, Zi Su Ye, add Zhu Ru, Pi Ba Ye for heat; add Shen Qu, Sha Ren for white and thick tongue coating; add Huo Xiang, Bai Dou Kou for sticky coating and loose stool; cough due to dysfunction of bladder: add Gui Zhi, Yi Zhi Ren, Lu Jiao Jiao; chronic cough injuries triple energizer, add Gui Zhi, Fu Ling, Lu Jiao Jiao, or Shu Fu Zi, Xi Xin; teeth mark or flabby tongue: add Huang Qi; chronic cough not related with triple energizer: herbs to astringent lung and tonify lung such as Bai Ji, He Zi, Wu Bei Zi, Huang Qi, Gao Li Shen (or Xi Yang Shen, Hua Qi Shen, Ji Lin Shen), Lu Jiao Jiao, E Jiao, Zi He Che, Luo Mi etc.
Result: total effective rate is 98.7%.

Key words: Ping Ke Tang, herbal treatment, cough

Writer: Weixiong Mao
Zhongshan West Community Health Station, Beihai TCM Hospital, the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region (536000)


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