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Internal Medicine

Writer summarized six treatment methods according to symptoms, abnormal WBC and RBC of urinary test, hyaline cast and granular casts, or erythrocyte cast, and protein-positive of eight urine analysis, occult blood (++~++++) of acute or chronic nephritis.

1. Invasion of external wind and heat, obstruction of heat in throat, dysfunction of lung qi in descending and dispersing, retention of dampness. Herbs have Chan Tui, raw Shi Gao, Xin Ren, Lian Qiao, Chi Xiaodou, Fu Ling, Zhu Ling, Ze Xie, Che Qian Zi, Bai Mao Gen, Yi Mu Cao, Xiao Ji and Sang Bai Pi.
2. Invasion of toxic heat pushing blood circulation, dysfunction of urine. Herbs have Pu Gongying, Ye Ju Hua, Jin Yin Hua, Zi Hua Di Ding, Lian Qiao, Chi Xiao Dou, Che Qian Zi, Bai Mao Gen, raw Di Huang, Chi Shao, Zhu Ling, Ze Xie, Xiao Ji.
3. Spleen deficiency and retention of dampness, dampness and heat together, obstruction of water passage. Herbs have Chen Pi, Fu Ling Pi, Sang Bai Pi, Da Fu Pi, Ze Xie, Bai Zhu, Fu Ling, Zhu Ling, Che Qian Zi, Bai Mao Gen, Yi Mu Cao, Niu Xi, Xiao Ji.
4. Retention of dampness leading to dysfunction of blood, blood stasis. Herbs have Fu Ling, Dan Shen, Yi Mu Cao, Bai Shao, Mu Tong, Ze Xie, Zhu Ling, Che Qian Zi, Bai Mao Gen, Niu Xi, raw Yi Yi Ren, Xiang Fu, Pu Huang.
5. Prolonged disease affecting to spleen, dysfunction of spleen in dominating blood, dysfunction of kidney in storing essence. Herbs have raw Dang Shen, Fu Ling, Bai Zhu, Chen Pi, Huai Shan Yao, Lian Zi, chao Yi Yi Ren, Bai Shao, Xian He Cao, E Jiao, Yi Mu Cao, Bai Dou Kou, Qian Shi.
6. Lung, liver and kidney yin deficiency, disturbance of blood vessel. Herbs have Sheng Di Huang, Nu Zhen Zi, Mu Dan Pi, Fu Ling, Mo Han Lian, Xiao Ji, Bai Mao Gen, Yi Mu Cao, Ze Xie, Bai Shao, Che Qian Zi, Niu Xi etc.

Key words: Acute or Chronic Nephritis, Positive Occult Blood, TCM Treatment

Writer: Zhaohuai Wu
TCM Hospital in Leizhou, Guangdong (524200)


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