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Tongue Diagnosis

3. The Changes of Tongue of Triple Energizer Syndrome

Upper energizer includes syndromes of lung meridian of hand-Taiyin and pericardium meridian of hand-Jueyin, thin and white tongue coating indicates invasion of lung defensive by pathogenic factors; yellow coating indicates invasion of lung by heat; deep red tongue indicates invasion of pericardium by pathogenic factors. Middle energizer includes stomach meridian of foot-Yangming and spleen meridian of foot-Taiyin, yellow and dry tongue coating indicates stomach heat; yellow or burning dry tongue indicates heat in intestines; sticky coating indicates obstruction of spleen by dampness and heat. Lower energizer includes kidney meridian of foot-Shaoyin and liver meridian of Foot-Jueyin, red tongue with scanty coating indicates prolonged heat consuming kidney yin; dry, deep red and weak tongue indicates that water cannot moisten wood and wind stirs up.

Key words: exterior syndrome, tongue diagnosis, analysis, triple energizer syndrome

Writer: Xueqin Liu, Xueling Wang
Tianjing (TE10) TCM University (300193)


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