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Tongue Diagnosis

The Change Laws of Tongue Analysis of Exterior Syndrome

1. The Change Laws and Prognosis of Tongue of Six Meridians Syndrome
When external wind and cold attack Taiyang meridian in the beginning, there is no coating, or moistened and thin coating with white color, after three or four days invasion, there is coating that must be from moistened to dry, from slippery to hesitant, from white to yellow, from yellow to black, even burning black and dry, or thorns, these indicate from exterior to interior heat, from superficial to deep. When exterior pathogenic factors attack the superficial region, there is no coating, when they attack deep, the coating is dry, when they attack half exterior and half interior, the coating is neither black nor hesitant, when yang pathogenic factors attack deep, the coating is not slippery but hesitant due to stomach heat, burning black and hesitant coating with yellow color indicates stomach heat, black coating with thorns indicates excessive heat. Severe injury of primary qi and only yin evil appearing indicate yellow or black coating; insufficient primary water indicates dry coating with burning black color, this is both deficiency of kidney water and fire not excess heat syndrome. Watery coating with blue black color indicates cold syndrome due to yang deficiency. So for diagnosis of cold syndrome, color of tongue coating can indicate exterior or interior and cold or heat.
Blue tongue coating indicates cold, blue and purplish indicate yin and cold. Red and purplish indicate yang and heat, black indicates extreme. Slippery coating with white color indicates exterior cold, dry coating with yellow color indicates extremely heat. Slippery coating with black color indicates cold and yin. When tongue can not protrude, tongue coating is burning black and dry, there is yin toxicity and extreme dryness. Blue tongue with slippery coating indicates extremely yin and cold. Swelling tongue, dry coating with cracks, thorny tongue indicate heat. Tongue is orifice of the heart, so slightly red tongue is normal, treatment will be difficult when water attacks fire showing black tongue. For example, when black appears whole tongue, and dark atheism without vitality, the primary qi has been defeated, death is no doubt. If black and dry only appears at the middle part of the tongue, but the texture is red with vitality, still it can be treatable. Prognosis is not good when tongue is stiff, not protruded, the mind is confused or speech is difficult.

Key words: exterior syndrome, tongue diagnosis, analysis, six meridians syndrome

Writer: Xueqin Liu, Xueling Wang
Tianjing (TE10) TCM University (300193)


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