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Traumatology and Orthopedics

Vertebral artery type cervical spondylosis is commonly seen type of cervical spondylosis. 55 patients are totally from our hospital, suffer from dizziness and blurred vision, blood pressure is not high during attack, blood flow rate on both sides of vertebral artery becomes decreased according to test of cerebral ultrasonic.

Wu style bone setting manipulation: patient takes sitting position, doctor stands up behind patients, places thumb and the other four fingers on both sides of cervical vertebrae, applies slightly pressing, kneading and holding from up to down on ligament of both sides of cervical vertebrae with 2 minutes; places thumb abdomen on transverse process of cervical vertebrae, applies pressing and kneading on each process from up to down with 2 minutes on each side; places thumb on spinous process of cervical vertebrae, applies pressing and kneading on each process from up to down with 2 minutes; applies twice finger press of Fengchi (GB20) (Fengchi (GB20)) on both sides until to have sensation of soreness and distention, combined with finger press on Tianzhu (BL10) (Tianzhu (BL10)), Jianjing (GB21) (Jianjing (GB21)), Dazhui (GV14) (Dazhui (GV14)), Fengfu (GV16) (Fengfu (GV16)) and Neck-Jiaji; applies rolling, kneading, pushing and holding on region from shoulder to deltoid and scapula of both sides with 5 minutes. Effect of manipulation depends on muscle relaxation after treatment. After manipulation, patient still takes sitting position, doctor needles Fengchi (GB20) on both sides with even method, and retains needles with 15 minutes after qi arrival. Treatment is once every day, 10 times are one course, continuing two courses.
Treatment result: 33 cured, 20 improved and 2 no effect. 2 patients without effect are persons with fainting of needle so needling can be applied.

Key words: bone setting manipulation, needling Fengchi (GB20), vertebral artery type cervical spondylosis

Writer: Bin Xu
Orthopaedics Department of Huguosi TCM Hospital attached to Beijing TCM University (100035)


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