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Pruritus of skin takes the whole body skin itching as the main symptoms but no primary skin damage. The patients’ often describe there is sudden paroxysmal or persistent intense unbearable itching, the patients often can not help themselves to constantly scratch or take hot wash until the skin bleeding or the itching is relieved. The writer treats 100 patients with pruritus of skin. The treatment method: oral taking Zhi Yang He Ji (Granule), 1 prescription per day, 15 days are one course. Prescription: raw Di Huang, Shu Di Huang 10g respectively, Tian Dong, Mai Dong 10 respectively, Chi Shao Yao, Bai Shao Yao 10g respectively, ji Xue Teng 15g, He Shou Wu 15g, Huang Qi 12g, Fang Feng 10g, Ci Ji Li 15g, Ku Shen 10g, Quan Xie 6g.

Result: the total effective rate is 86%。

Key words: Chinese medicine, treatment, Middle and Old Aged Pruritus of Skin

Writer: Min Huang, Miao Yu
Central Hospital, En Shi City, Hubei Province (445000)


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