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Intestinal obstruction is the commonly surgical diseases, according to the degree of the disease, it can be divided into complete and incomplete types, the former needs surgical operation, and the latter may be treated by Chinese medicine. The cause of disease: there are 5 patients who have abdominal operational history, 3 patients who have peritonitis history, 2 patients who have long-term constipation, among which, there are 1 case whose stool routine examination showed positive with Ascaris eggs, 1 case whose color Doppler prompted biliary ascariasis, no hernia patients. Treatment method: prescription: Sheng Zhe Shi, roast Fu Zi, Rou Gui, Xiao Hui Xiang, Chen Xiang, Hou Pu, raw Da Huang, Chuan Lian Zi, Hong Hua, roast Gan Cao. The modification depend on the typical symptoms, tongue, and pulse. Treatment result: total effective rate is 91.7%.

Key words: Activating Yang and Descending the Turbid, treatment, Incomplete Intestinal Obstruction

Writer: Fangmin Li, Yifeng (TE17) Yan
TCM Hospital, Xian Feng County, Hebei Province (445600)


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