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There are 26 cases that are 43-58 years old, the electrocardiogram examination (ECG) shows ischemic ST segment changes, X-ray depicts heart-shaped increased, aortic buckling extension. TCM believes that the etiology and Pathogenesis of Coronary Heart Disease is caused by kidney deficiency, heart stasis, cold accumulation, fat turbid obstruction. We apply reinforcing kidney, resolving stagnation, expelling fat and activating collaterals for TCM treatment. The prescription includes Dan Shen 30g, Yin Yang Huo 30g, Bu Gu Zhi 30g, Jue Ming Zi 15g, Huang Qi 30g, He Shou Wu 20g, Ze Xie 30g, Fu Ling 20g, Bai Tan Xiang 8g, Sha Ren 5g, Yan Hu Suo 30g, Wu Ling Zhi 30g, Pu Huang 10g, Bi Ba 8g, Gui Zhi 8g.

Result: there are 20 cases with obvious effect, 6 cases have effect, and the treatment course is 3-14 days.

Key words: Reinforcing Kidney, Resolving Stagnation, Expelling Fat and Activating Collaterals, Angina Due to Coronary Heart Disease

Writer: Shu He
Pu Jiang county hospital, Zhe Jiang province (322200)


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