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There are 71 patients with Acute Cerebral Hemorrhage who are from TCM stroke medical center of Zhejiang province. They were divided into treatment group (36 cases) and contrast group (35 cases). The two groups took conventional salvage treatment for cerebral hemorrhage in stroke department after they entered into the hospital, such as dehydration, controlling of blood pressure, protecting the brain, anti-infective, anti-stress ulcers, oxygen, aspiration of sputum, physical temperature reduction and so on. For treatment group, we add Qing Ying Tang with modification for nasal feeding. The ingredients: Shui Niu Jiao 100g (decoct first), Xuan Shen 15g, Chuan Huang Lian 10g, Dan Shen 30g, Jin Yin Hua 30g, Lian Qiao 10g, Mai Dong 10g, raw Shi Gao 30g (decoct first), Zhu Ye Xin 10g, raw Di Huang 10g Mu Dan Pi 10g. Adding Gou Teng 15g (decoct later), Ling Yang Jiao 20g (decoct first) for patients with convulsion; adding raw Da Huang 30g ( decoct later), Mang Xiao 5g (dissolve by the water), Can Sha 30g (decoct with bag) for patients with constipation; adding fresh Zhu Li 30ml (dissolve by the water), Dan Nan Xing 10g, Zhe Bei Mu 10g, Jiang Zhu Ru 10g for patients with excessive sputum; adding raw Bai Ji powder 10g (dissolve by water) for patient with stomach bleeding.

Result: the total effective rates are 77.78% and 71.43% in treatment group and contrast group. It illustrates that both groups’ treatment effect have no obvious difference.

Key words: Qing Ying Tang with Modification, treatment, Acute Cerebral Hemorrhage Fever Coma

Writer: Daqiao Song, Jiancheng Lou, Xiankui Lou
Yi Wu city TCM hospital, Zhe Jiang province (322000)


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