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All these 36 cases are outpatients and females, aged from 18~50 years old. Most of them are around 35 years old. Treatment: modification of Qing Wei San is applied as basic formular: Sheng Di, Dang Gui, Huang Lian, Mu Dan Pi, Sheng Ma, Chan Tui, Chuan Xiong, Jiang Can, Hei Dou, Zi Cao, Quan Xie, Di Long and Wu Gong. One dose a day. 10 days are made one course. The effect can be received after 1~4 courses. Results: the total effect is 83%.
Discussion: the change of face is related with pathological changes of yangming and aging due to the Yangming meridians distributed on face. Clinical experience: the pathogenic heat stagnates in yangming meridian, and effects the Xue fen; the blood be burned into stasis, and then the stasis invades into collaterals and face.

Key words: modification of Qing Wei San, Chinese medicine, female chloasma

Writer: Zhen Jin
People’s hospital, Leqing, Zhejiang (325600)


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