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Internal Medicine

Chronic atrophic gastritis (CAG) is recognized as the prodromal period of stomach cancer and has close relation with stomach cancer. The clinical symptoms include stomach scorching hot and pain, distention, poor appetite, belching, fatigue, becoming thin, constipation or loose stool. There are 40 outpatients who have been diagnosed as CAG after the fiber gastroscope and pathologic biopsy. All the patients took one time gastroscope before and after treatment respectively for contrast. The patients were randomly divided into herbal group and contrast group: 24 cases in herbal group and 16 cases in contrast group.

Treatment method: herbal group: taking Bu Zhong Xiao Pi Tang as the main method with the ingredients of toast Huang Qi 15g, Dang Shen 15g, Zhi Shi 10g, Gui Zhi 10g, fry Bai Shao 15g, Dan Shen 15g, toast Gan Cao 10g, Sheng Jiang 10g, Da Zao 5 pieces. 30 days are one course, one week break between every 2 courses. Modification according to syndrome differentiation: revising the dosage of Huang Qi to 25g, the dosage of Bai Shao to 20g, adding Huai Shan Yao, Guang Mu Xiang, Chen Pi if it is spleen-stomach qi deficiency; selectively adding Mai Dong, Lu E Mei if it is stomach hot and yin deficiency; adding Bai Dou Kou, Bian Dou, Yi Yi Ren if it is spleen-stomach damp obstruction; adding Dan Shen, E Zhu, Wu Ling Zhi if it is blood stagnation obstructing in stomach; adding Fo Shou if it there is ructation and qi obstruction; adding Yuan Hu, Xiang Yuan Pi if there is stomach secret anguish; adding Xiang Fu, Su Geng if there are chest and stomach contracture, qi regurgitating and pharynx obstruction; adding Guang Mu Xiang, Yu Jin if there is stomach distention-pain; adding Ji Nei Jin, fry Gu Ya if there is poor appetite and dysfunction of digest; adding Fu Ling if there is loose stool; adding Rou Cong Rong, Huo Ma Ren if there constipation; adding Dang Gui, Gou Qi, Ju Hua, Tian Ma if there is dizziness. Contrast group: oral taking Hou Tou Jun, Wei Fu Chun, Vitamin C, Wei Mei Su Pian, Mo Luo Dan, the treatment course is as same as herbal group’s.

Treatment result: treatment group (24 cases), total effective rate is 91.7%; contrast group (16 cases), total effective rate is 62.5%.

Key words: Self-built Bu Zhong Xiao Pi Tang, herbal treatment, Chronic Atrophic Gastritis

Writer: Wanjin An
Qing Ping village hospital, Tu Men town, Gu Lang county, Gansu province (733102)


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