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Internal Medicine

Radiation pneumonitis is one of the common complications after radiation treatment of lung tumor. In this group, these 46 cases of outpatients are diagnosed as radiation pneumonitis. Treatment: 10mg dexamethasone with 5% dextrose injection is applied by intravenous drip; once a day. Chinese herbs are applied simultaneously. Modification of Liu Wan Di Huang Wan is applied: prepared Di Huang 30g, Shan Zhu Yu 15g, Shan Yao 1g, Ze Xie 12g, Fu Ling 12g and Mu Dan Pi 12g. Modification according to symptoms: for high fever and sweating, Shi Gao 20g, Zhi Mu 10g and Tian Hua Fen 30g are added; For low fever, Qing Hao 10g, Chai Hu 10g and Di Gu Pi are added. For blood in sputum, Xian He Cao 10g, Bai Ji 10g and Pu Huang 10g are added. For pain in chest, Si Gua Luo 20g, Yu Jin 10g, Gua Lou 10g and Xing Ren 10g are added. For asthma and excessive sputum, Ting Li Zi 10g, Da Zao 10 pieces and Sang Bai Pi 10g are added. For blood stasis, Dan Shen 10g and Chuan Xiong 10g are added. For depression, Chai Hu 10g, Xiang Fu 10g and He Huan Pi are added. For qi deficiency, Huang Qi 30g, Dang Shen 10g and Bai Zhu 10g are added. 2 weeks are made one course and the treatment continues for 3 courses at average. Results: the total effect is 82.6%. Obvious side-effect is not found in the Chinese medicine treatment.

Key words: combination of Chinese and western medicine, treatment, radiation pneumonitis

Li Duan, Peng Li, Jian Zhang
Central blood station of Baotou, Inner mongolia autonomous region(014010)
Kun hospital of Bao tou, Inner mongolia autonomous region
The seventh hospital of Baotou, Inner mongolia autonomous region


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