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Psoriasis usually occurs in the patient whose physical condition is yang excess with interior heat, when the patient has been attacked by six evils, there are disharmony of nutrient qi and defensive qi, qi stagnation and blood stasis, therefore the psoriasis appears. If the exterior evil is not relieved and enter into interior becoming heat, or there are emotional internal damage, qi obstruction transferring to fire and generating wind, or excessive intake of spicy-sea food, it will easily result in interior excessive heat toxin, blood-heat flowing, causing blood-heat. Obstruction of blood-heat, flaming up of interior heat toxin may make the blood stickier and result in blood stagnation. Blood-heat would consume body fluid, damaging yin and exhausting blood, this may cause blood dryness.

Treatment method: Qing Re Jie Du Tang with ingredients of Ren Dong Teng, Lian Qiao, Huai Hua, Ba Qia, raw Di Huang, Chi Shao Yao, Dang GuiZi Cao, Ku Shen, Di Fu Zi, Bai Xian Pi, Quan Xie, raw Mu Li, Wu Shao She, Jing Jie, Fang Feng.

Treatment result:  35 cases are healed in clinic, 3 cases had obvious effect, and 1 case had no effect (2.6%).

Key words: Qing Re Jie Du Tang, herbal treatment, Psoriasis, experience

Writer: Pengyun Xia
Xia Jin Ling TCM clinic,  Huai Cheng town, Huaian city, Jiangsu province (223200)


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