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Nei Jing

The resolution and idea are harmonious, the brain will be shrewd, and the yang soul and yin soul will not be detached. Neither penitence nor anger will arise, and the five zang-organs will not be attacked by evils. If the cold and warmth are harmonious, the six fu-organs will transform grains. Wind evil will not attack from outside, and wind-Bi will not appear from within. The meridians will be free, and the limbs will be in comfort. These are normal conditions to healthy people. The five zang-organs are what store the essence, spirit, blood, qi, yang soul and yin soul. The six fu-organs are what transform water and grains and move fluids. All these functions of the viscera are innate endowments. All people whether stupid or clever, have these without reference to their stupidity or cleverness.

Key Words: root zang-organs, in the divine pivot


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