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Scalp Acupuncture

Lumbar hypertrophic osteoarhropathy is due to the congenital stenosis of lumbar and sacral spinal canal and the hyperosteogeny of sacral vertebrae and their joints, which cause an impairment of blood supply and compression to the nerve roots. The patient usually complaints a long history of pain in the low back and posterior part of the thigh, also the pain radiates to both legs accompanying with numbness and abnormal sensation in the regions.
Lumbosacral spine X-ray may show a narrowing of the spinal canal and osteophyte on the borders of vertebrae.

The selection of stimulation: Motor and sensory area of foot and upper two-fifths of the sensory area.

Scalp acupuncture usually relieves the manifestations in many patients. Plus applying body acupoints it may be clinical cured through a few courses treatment. 


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