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Scalp Acupuncture

Intracranial infection refers to inflammation of the brain and meninges due to various causes as well as the different kinds of encephalitis.

Usually, the onset of encephalitis and meningitis is accompanied by high fever, coma or convulsion. The CSF inflammatory changing helps making the diagnosis of intracranial infection. The clinical manifestations can be controlled and improved by medications. But the sequelae may happen such as the paralysis of limbs, aphasia and impaired vision may remain for a long time.

The Selection of Stimulation: The motor area, sensory area, the motor and sensory area of foot on the opposite side of the physical symptoms.

Scalp acupuncture in general only applied to treat the remaining paralysis of limbs, aphasia and impaired vision after the patient regains consciousness. The therapeutic result has shown vary greatly. The symptoms can be cured by scalp acupuncture in some cases. But in others, it cannot be observed in a short time period.


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