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The author has treated 60 cases of this disease by “forehead three cheek two” these years and received significant curative effects. Treatment: three lines on the forehead: Extra point Yin Tang to GV 20 is one line and Yu Yao (both sides middle of eyebrow) to GV 20 is the 2nd two lines. Two lines on cheek: as center around GV 20, draw the lines to SI 19 and GB 2 on both cheeks. Press point to point without space when do acupoints pressing, from light to heavy. Once a day, and 10 times treatment is one course. Treatment results: the total effect comes to 100%, and none of the patients need to take any hypnotic.

Key words: intractable insomnia, forehead three, cheek two, Acupressure

Writer: Daquan Li

Tainjin worker's hospital (300050)


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