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Internal Medicine

These 66 cases are all out-patients excluding the headache caused by hypertension, sinusitis, glaucoma neurosis, tension headache, and the headache caused by intracranial space occupying lesion and  cerebrovascular malformation. Treatment: Professor Youbo Guan treats intractable headache with empirical prescription, Yang Xue Ping Gan Tang: Xuan Fu Hua, Dai Zhe Shi, Sheng Shi Gao, Shou Wu Teng, Dang Gui, Bai Shao, Chuan Xiong, raw Di Huang, Ju Hua, Mu Gua, Xiang Fu and Gan Cao. Modification: add raw Huang Qi and Dang Shen to benefit qi for short breath and fatigue; add Hong Hua to open meridians, eliminate stasis and stagnation for severe stagnation of blood and tingling pain; add Zhen Zhu Mu and Shi Jue Ming to repress hyperactive Liver Yang for headache and dizziness due to hyperactive of liver; add Bei Sha Shen and Shi Hu to nourish yin for five feverish centers and dry mouth due to obvious yin deficiency; add Chuan Duan, Gou Qi Zi and Nui Xi to tonify kidney qi for weak and sore of both lumbar and knee; subtract Shi Gao and add Bai Zhu and Sha Ren for poor appetite and loose stools.

Treatment results: the total effective rate is 100%. The headache is relieved 5 days at shortest, 10 days in general.

Key words: Yang Xue Ping Gan Tang, Intractable Headache

Writer: Hanhui Yang
TCM department, the second affiliated hospital of Fujian medical university (362000)


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