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Ingredients: Chuan Wu, Mu Gua, Wei Ling Xian, Wu Mei, Huai Niu Xi, Gui Zhi.

Indications: dispersing cold and eliminating wind, activating collaterals and stopping pain. It can be used for joint blockage pain, numbness of skin, lumbar and neck stiffness etc. We now often use it for soreness distention, numbness and pain, limited activities due to cervical and lumbar, limbs joints bone hyperplasia, as well as rheumatoid arthritis, rheumatic arthritis, gout, frozen shoulder etc.

Dosage and method: alcohol form: 300ml per bottle, oral taking, 10-15ml each time, 2 times every day. Please shake up when you take. You can dilute it by adding water, continuously taking for one month as one course.

Attention: It is prohibited for pregnant woman and patient with alcohol allergy. It should be cautiously used by patient with severe weak body.


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