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Direct invasion of dryness evil to the body may cause warm-dryness syndrome which is similar to fluid impairment in warm-hot syndrome, but more serious than it. Dryness invades the superficies of body, leading to fever, headache, slight aversion to cold appear. Dryness usually attacks lung at first. Nose is the orifice of lung, so showing dry nose and throat. Dryness impairs lung yin, showing thirst, anhidrosis, dry cough and blood-stained phlegm. Dryness exhausts body fluid which nourishes the skin and muscles, showing rough skin, scanty urine. Dry yellow tongue coating and rapid pulse is from dryness.
But if the body attacked by cool-dryness, the defensive yang will be obstructed, showing fever, aversion to cold, anhidrosis. Cool-dryness makes lung dysfunction of descending and cleaning, which shows dry cough, dry skin and dry white tongue coating.

Pathogenic Characteristics of Dryness Evil:
A. Dryness prevails in autumn, and dryness tend to impair lung.
B. The manifestations of deficiency of fluid, such as dry skin, constipation, scanty urine, are due to dryness evil.

Key Words: six evils, dryness


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