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Posture: Claw patient’s nail with operator’s nail of thumb or index finger.

It is only used to the nail root or joints of toes or fingers. During pinching, hold the patient’s wrist or ankle joint with operator’s one hand for avoiding contraction of patient’s hand and understanding the therapeutic reaction. Pinch patient’s finger or toe with operator’s other hand, and claw the point with thumb or index. The heaviness and frequency of clawing depend upon the syndrome being excess or deficiency. It is said that the meridians of three yang and three yin of foot and hand all start from toes and fingers respectively. There is a theory mentioning that, all the fingers connect with the heart, therefore pinching skill may be beneficial to the treatment of diseases. It is used for treatment of paralytic diseases, brain diseases, headache, fever etc.


Key Words: acupressure fundamental technique, pinching


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