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Posture: Draw the index, middle, ring and small fingers close together and flex slightly. Put the thumb close to the 2nd joint of index with the palm curved. Pat the point with the venter of fingers and the thenar.

Attention: Patting is a kind of medium stimulation with vibration and may be applied to any region. The action center is the elbow. The wrist is fixed position or moves slightly. The shoulder joint is associated one. Pat the point with the palm moving up and down in the influence of the arm. For patting the chest or abdomen, patient performs the abdominal respiration. The action of patting starts after deep breathing. It usually starts from 5 to 10 pattings and may be increased gradually following the increasing of patient’s strength. Patting skill can promote the circulation of vital energy and blood, dredge the meridians, and promote functions of spleen and kidney.

Key Words: acupressure fundamental technique, patting


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