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Correcting skill of the knee: let patient lie on back. Press the patient's knee by operator's two hands overlapped.   

Correcting skill of the foot: Pushing the foot and pressing the knee for correcting the deformity of foot. Let patient lie on back. The operator pushes the patient's sole of foot with one hand and presses the patient's knee with other hand.      

Pressing the dorsum of foot for correcting the deformity of foot: Let patient sit down or lie on back, and put the sole flat. The operator clasps the anterior portion of the patient's sole of foot and presses the medium upper portion of dorsum of foot rapidly with other hand till some sound "Pai Pai" appears.

Pressing the buttocks: Let patient lie on face. The operator holds the patient's one leg with one hand and then puts the other hand between the buttocks and presses downward.   

Separating the hips: Let patient lie on back with flexion and abduction of the lower extremities. The operator puts his hands on the upper medial aspect of the patient's knees, then presses the knee upward and laterally.

Key Words: acupressure associated technique, orthopaedic skill


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